Download Apk File of the Camera360 app compatible with Sony QX10/100

This is the apk file of the “Camera360” app. The version is 4.8, that is compatible with Sony Lens Style cameras for smartphones. The cameras in question are the Sony QX-10 and the Sony QX-100.
I’ve tested the app with the Sony QX-10 and it works, but in some cases you have to restart the app because in some cases the app crashes and it does not work (this does not happen often, but it can happen).
To download the Apk file you can click on this link:

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It does not cost you anything but you can help me for this little work I’ve done 🙂

Various useful accessories are also available for use with the two cameras:

If you need a low-cost smartphone where to install the “camera360” app and to match the Sony QX-10 or the Sony QX-100, click here to find the perfect one for you.

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